Wrestling: Ohio fails to make right moves in loss to Bloomsburg

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Ohio lost their second straight dual meet to Bloomsburg University 25-6 Sunday night. The Bobcats fall to 2-5 in dual meets for the season and had multiple opportunities to score big, but just couldn’t get the job done.  

“Their strategy was pretty obvious. They were gonna come out and pull on our heads and get us tired.” Ohio head coach Joel Greenlee said. “And we let them do it to us.”

The match broke down like this:

184 lb. Weight Class
Ohio started off strong with and impressive victory from Ryan Garringer over Sam Shirey. Garringer had four takedowns and was able to finish the match up with a couple of reversals. His first takedown happened early into the first round and didn’t allow his opponent to get back in the match. He finished the first round with a 6-1 lead. After the second round Garringer was able to expand his lead to 9-3 with his fourth takedown and an escape. Shirey tried to make a comeback in the third round with a reversal and a takedown but it wasn’t enough as Garringer won the match 13-7. Ohio celebrated the early 3-0 lead, but it would not last for long in the match.

197 lb. Weight Class
Bloomsburg took the lead with a solid 13-5 victory by Richard Perry over Ohio’s Beau Wenger. These two battled hard, but Perry had the upper hand because he was getting takedowns while Wenger was only able to get escape points. Perry got the ball rolling with an easy takedown. He continued to pile on the points with two other takedowns to finish the round up 6-2. The second round sang the same song with the two wrestlers exchanging takedowns and escapes and Perry got out of the round leading 10-4.  The final round slowed up a little bit and for a minute it looked like Wenger was going to make it a tighter match, but Perry finished the match off with one final takedown, winning the match 13-5. The win put BU up 4-3.

285 lb. Weight Class
Jeremy Johnson took care of business once again when he squared off against BU’s Zachary Walsh. The only points scored in the first round were a takedown by Johnson and the round ended with him up 2-0. The second round was also a low scoring with Johnson extending the lead with escape point. Johnson went into the third round up 3-0. Walsh tried to get back into it early escape point, but Johnson put the match out of reach with another takedown to win the match 5-1 and put Ohio back up 6-4. This would be the last time the Bobcats led the match.

125 lb. Weight Class
BU’s Sean Boylan got the lead back for the Huskies with his win over the Bobcat’s Gabe Ramos. Boylan started off strong with a quick takedown in the beginning of the round. That would be the only points scored in the first round as he led 2-0. Ramos was quick to get on the scoreboard with an escape point early in the second round but Boylan was able to get two more takedowns to finish the second round up 6-2. Boylan closed the round out with another takedown to win the match 9-3 and to give the Huskies back the lead up 7-6.

133 lb. Weight Class
After the Huskies took the lead, they never lost another match. The trend started when BU’s Nick Wilcox defeated Ohio’s Drew Hammer. There were no points scored in the first round and Hammer’s lone takedown was able to give him the lead after second round 2-1. In the final round however, Wilcox dominated with a near-fall and two takedowns finishing the match 8-3 and putting BU up 10-6.

141 lb. Weight Class
For the second match, no points were scored in the first round as BU’s Derek Shingara and Ohio’s Darrin Boing squared off. Shingara was able to get one escape point in the second round to take the 1-0 lead. Boing took the lead for a while with a reversal, but Shingara was able to get the clutch points with an escape point and takedown at the end of the round to sneak out of match with a 4-2 win. The win extended BU’s lead to 13-6.

149 lb. Weight Class
The Huskies brought out Bryce Busler against the Bobcats' Andrew Romanchik in the seventh contest of the match. Busler dominated the first round with two takedowns to Romanchik’s one escape, giving him the 4-1 lead going into the second round. No points were scored in the second round. Bryce was able to get two more takedowns in the last round to win the match 9-3 and helped the Huskies run away with the lead 16-6.

157 lb. Weight Class
BU continued to dominate as Frank Hickman battled it out with Ohio’s Harrison Hightower. Once again, neither wrestler was able to score any points in the first round and it wasn’t until the late second round that Ohio was able to score. Unfortunately for the Bobcats, Hickman was able to get a late reversal to go into the final round up 2-1. As was theme for the entire match, Ohio was unable to close out third rounds as Hickman was able to get another late reversal to win the match 4-2 and give the Huskies a 19-6 lead.

165 lb. Weight Class
Next, BU’s Chris Smith handled Ohio’s Casey Gordon with ease as he took a commanding 4-1 at the end of the first round after two big takedowns. He ended the match early with another take down in the second round to go up 6-2. That would be the final score of the match since no points were scored in the final round and the Huskies enjoyed a 22-6 lead heading into the last match of the night.

174 lb Weight Class
The final match consisted of Ohio’s Nick Purdue against Mike Dessino of the Huskies. Purdue was able to get on the board first with an impressive takedown but Dessino managed to tie it up with an escape point as well as receiving a point for a holding call on Purdue. The two had a matching 2-2 score going into the second round. In that second round it was Purdue scoring first once again with an escape, but Dessino struck right back with an impressive takedown of his own. Instead of heading into the final round up one, it was Purdue playing spoiler this time with another great escape point tying the score up 4-4 heading into the final round. After trailing by one for most of the third round after Dessino received an early escape point, it looked as if Purdue was poised to come back with some more late magic. Instead, Dessino was able to end his chances with a late take down that put the match out of reach as time expired, ending the night with a BU 25-6 win.

The Bobcats have two weeks to do some “soul searching” as Greenlee put it, before their next match against MAC rival Buffalo.