African-American Inventors Museum Comes To Athens

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Black History Month often looks at the struggles African-Americans have faced through the years, but a traveling museum is showcasing the ways African-Americans have changed every day life.

The African-American Inventors and Inventions Traveling Museum stopped in Athens yesterday.  

The museum displayed inventions by African-Americans, such as the Super Soaker Water gun.  

History on Wheels Founder Clifton Brown says visitors to the museum were able to receive an education that can't be found in history books. 

"You know most people want to put us in a category, and I have to be very honest with you, everybody thinks that all black people can sing, dance and play ball.  I can't sing, I can't dance and I can't play ball. I can't invent anything, but I can put, I can create exhibits for people to look at, and I enjoy doing that," says Brown.

The museum now travels to Canton, Ohio before moving on to Atlanta.