Full of Young Talent, the Future of Spartan Basketball is Bright

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The Alexander Spartans serve as a perfect example of the potential-versus-reality argument on the men’s and women’s teams. Both teams have the potential to be great teams in the future. As of right now, that potential is staying in its basic form and swallowing the cold pill that is reality.

Fans have seen what they can do with the right people in place. Last season, the women’s and men’s teams finished first and second, respectively, in the TVC-Ohio. This season, on the other hand, the Spartans find themselves in the role of cellar dwellers due to the inexperience of the players in the program.

Alexander sports a team full of young talent in silky smooth point guard Jordan Moseley. The freshman point guard has tremendous ball-handling skills, but lacks the composure he needs to be a top point guard. Turnovers have plagued Moseley, but his skill could eventually put him among the league’s elite with a year or two of experience under his belt. The key for him is to learn from the mistakes he’s made thus far.

Along with Moseley the Spartans bring Braden Jones, Jake Grey, Chris Wingett and a pool of others to their collective of young talent. All Alexander needs is time for this burgeoning group of youngsters to develop. The talent is there, but the execution is lacking; potential versus reality.

On the women’s side, the drop-off from last season has been far more dramatic to say the least. After winning the league last season, the Lady Spartans lost a ton of firepower and have struggled with consistency this season. They are going to rely on much of the same medicine the men are: time.

Junior Kaylee Koker is undoubtedly the leader of this young Spartan squad and head coach Denton Guthrie is counting on her to fulfill that role. Koker has must carry the load. Meanwhile, the Alexander women will wait on their own group of freshmen and sophomores including guards Allyson Malone and Marilyn Rankin to develop.

Of course, this development won’t happen overnight or with a simple snapping of the fingers. Guthrie and men’s coach Blaine Gabriel have their work cut out for them, but the flashes of brilliance seen in the two teams’ six combined wins this season show promise. The Alexander basketball program is headed in the right direction and look to close out the 2012 campaign on a high note.