Task Force Proposed To Deal With Muskingum County Prescription Drug Problem

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Two heads are better than one.

At least that's what the Director of Muskingum Behavioral Health thinks when it comes to dealing with the opiate and prescription drug problem in the community.

Steve Carrel wants to develop a a mental health task force to tackle the problem.

The task force would consist of a core group that does the planning and hands-on work, while a larger group provides essential input and helps to carry out tasks.

"I don't know if it will be public information campaigns. I don't know if it will be going to city council or county commissioners asking for endorsements or ordinances even to help regulate some of the alcohol and drug problems we have here in Muskingum County," says Carrel.

Carrel says addiction to drugs such as oxycontin and percocet are the largest problem in the area.

He says the task force will start with a focus on Muskingum County, but it will work with others in the surrounding area and the community to make a difference. 

"It's going to take the business community. It's going to take the medical community. It's going to take parents. It's going to take social service agencies. It's going to take every segment of the community to be involved," says Carrel.

Anyone with interest in participating in the task force is asked to contact Carrel at the Muskingum Behavioral Health office.