Maiden And Stanley Tussle At Candidates Forum

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Jeff Maiden accused Archie Stanley of bad management and Stanley accused Maiden of lying and that was just during the opening statements of a candidates forum last night.

After that it got even more intense.

Maiden and Stanley are Democrats running for Athens County Engineer, a job Stanley has held for 32 years.

Maiden says the county roads and bridges are in bad shape and he can do a better job of fixing them.

Not so, says Stanley, who defended his record and then attacked Maiden for a business bankruptcy in 2003, prompting Maiden to counter-attack.

"With the economy being bad, I don't understand how he's going to be able to run a $4.5 million budget and not bankrupt the county," says Stanley.

"He double-dipped," says Maiden.  "He's putting 200 grand in the bank a year from 2001-2009 until the county commissioners pulled his $25,000 stipend beyond his normal salary."

Maiden and Stanley both used posters with facts and figures as they spoke before a standing-room-only crowd at the Athens Library.

Maiden says if he's elected he'll reorganize the management of the Athens County Engineer's Office and implement a health insurance plan that would save the county a million dollars.

Stanley took credit for moving the Engineer's Depot to a new site outside the city and for developing a new road maintenance agreement in advance of an anticipated drilling boom.