Thompson Doesn’t Want To Meet Behind Closed Doors

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Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson says she's not interested in meeting County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn in a closed door session tomorrow.

Thompson is locked in a money dispute with Blackburn and County Sheriff Pat Kelly and earlier today indicated she wanted to talk with them about resolving the problem.

Also today, Blackburn said he has requested an executive session with Thompson and the county commissioners.

But Thompson says that would not be appropriate.

She says any such talks should be held in public.

Also she says she does not have legal representation.

In her words, "I would meet with them, but only in a public setting with proper representation."

Blackburn and Kelly have asked Thompson to release certain funds and she has refused.

Thompson says she still has questions about various legal opinions which have said Blackburn and Kelly ARE allowed to have funds in bank accounts not controlled by Thompson.

Thompson is a Republican.

Blackburn and Kelly are Democrats.