Ohio BWC Re-Working Claims Process

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The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation is working to curb the high cost of compensation in the state. 

BWC Administrator Steve Buehrer says the bureau is re-working the way it handles claims, works with providers and businesses and is introducing a drug formulary.
He says the agency's main goal is to help people to return to work sooner.
"We know that certain injured workers come into our system and don't have good outcomes. So, we're really trying to focus on our efforts through better claims management, more settlement of claims, more active vocational rehabilitation to get the workers so that they come into the system, they get the help they need, and then we get them back to productive lifestyles by returning to the work place," said Buehrer.
Buehrer says the best way to get premiums down is to keep people healthy enough so there is no need for claims at all.
"We know that people who have weight issues or diabetic issues or other conditions not only get hurt more often, but are slower to return to the work place. So, we are encouraging employers to apply for a new grant where we will match them dollar for dollar up to $15,000 to bring some wellness programming into their work places. That's certainly one way we can all have better outcomes in the system and keep premiums low," said Buehrer.
He says the bureau will also offer discounts to employers in exchange for using more efficient cost controls.