Ohio Focus For Super Tuesday

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Once again, Ohio is at the heart of at all. Ohio elections officials say no early problems were reported as polls opened in the state, some to light voter turnout.

Like the state's tourism slogan proclaims, Ohio is in the center spotlight of Super Tuesday for the Republican presidential race. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum devoted most of their campaigning to the state in the last days before the 10-state primary voting, Romney looking for a decisive victory while Santorum hoped to regain momentum in his chase.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also is hoping to pick up some delegates, while banking his comeback hopes on winning Georgia.
Ohio primary voters have plenty of other choices to make, including an unusual match of two Democratic U.S. House members pushed together in congressional redistricting.
There are also primaries for other House races, the Senate, legislature and Ohio Supreme Court.