New Symbols Help OU Students With Dietary Needs

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Ohio University's culinary services is working to expand special dietary options to students.  

Cards labeled with symbols representing specific religious diets and diet restrictions such as halal and kosher, are placed in the display cases in front different food options to help students better understand how their food is prepared.  
Carlos Samano, OU Assistant Director of Auxiliary Sales, says these new symbols make decisions for students easier.  
"What we wanted to do with these cards is really to convey that information in a more efficient and more effective manner which is why we made them more visually appealing and that way we made them more visually appealing and that way we can immediately convey whether it is an allergen information or realize information that we want to convey," said Samano.
The new options also include dietary restrictions such as allergies or vegan diets. The OU Culinary Services website offers examples and explanation of each symbol.