Athens Businessman To Open Composting Business

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A local business man says he plans to have a new composting business open in May.

Ray Leard, owner of Purely American, says he thinks the business will provide a necessary service to Athens.

"It's just an interesting idea and it needs to be done. There's a lot of restaurants and this is a big food area and it just made sense that this is a missing piece," said Leard. 

The company will collect compostable waste from residences and restaurants for a fee.

"The fees that we see right now as far as a fee based service would be, I'm going to be offering a yard waste and food waste pick up service for the city of Athens and then of course when people bring their recyclables here, we'll have a fee based on weight," said Leard.

Leard says he would like to offer an incentive to those who use the service by creating coupons that could be used at area businesses.

He also says that he believes the composting business could bring new job opportunities to the area.

Leard says he plans to hold an open house when the business opens.