Organization Provides Support For Male Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

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One in six males is sexually abused at some point in their lives, and it is a number survivor advocacy groups says it too high.

Dr. Howard Fradkin is the co-founder of a national group against male sexual victimization called Male Survivor.

“It’s really important for men who have been sexually abused to know that there is help out there,” Fradkin said.

He’s a psychologist who has worked with more than 1,000 male survivors of sexual abuse and is also a survivor himself.

He says through the group’s website, victims of abuse can find help and comfort.

“They can learn about books, they can find other survivors and allies, partners who they can speak with and just learn that they are not alone, which is really critical to healing,” he said.

Fradkin and filmmaker Simon Weinberg screened the film “Boys and Men Healing” in Athens Tuesday night to promote sexual abuse awareness.

Weinberg and his wife spent four years creating the documentary, which tells the story of three men who have suffered from sexual abuse. The film is being shown statewide as part of the sexual abuse awareness and prevention month.

Fradkin said shame often keeps male victims from revealing their abuse, particularly if their abuser was a woman.

“Unfortunately, females are just as capable of abusing boys,” said Fradkin. “Often times, men are much more reluctant if they’ve been abused by a woman to speak about it because the myth is always that men are always supposed to be in control of sex and in control of their bodies, even though sexual abuse is not sex.”

He said survivors often deal with repercussions such as depression, suicide and anxiety.