Review: RASCAL Magazine Fundraiser At The Dragon’s Cup

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In 2011, Ohio University students Cynthia Robinson and Allison Maloney came up with an idea for an edgy magazine that would be one part social commentary, one part art and one part sheer wit.

Over the past several months, the magazinetitled RASCAL–has come closer to publication than ever before. However, one rather substantial roadblock stands in the way: funding.

On Thursday night, RASCAL held a fundraiser in the basement of The Dragon’s Cup, featuring a handful of regional comedy and musical acts. A half-hour into the event, the tea and noodle establishment's thin, blocky downstairs was already packed.

"I just really want to see Blithe Field play," said OU student Ashley Weingard. "I’m not even sure if he’s playing, but I hope he is."

Weingard has been involved in RASCAL since Robinson and Maloney held their introductory meeting several weeks ago. Since then, the organization has been full-throttle on, desperately trying to make it to publication.

Robinson took the stage first, playing a series of soft acoustic numbers. She cooed through several covers and a handful of originals, startling several incoming show-goers.

"I thought it was a recording, coming from over there," said OU student Katie Pinter, pointing to one of the gigantic speakers placed throughout the narrow corridor that makes up The Dragon Cup’s basement.

Next up was “Nasty” Nate & JT, a comedy team. Although there were chuckles throughout the audience, many admitted that they couldn't hear the routines from the back of the room. 

Regardless of whether or not everyone could make out the entire comedy act, everyone could definitely make out the goofy beats of Ghosta Rica, a strange collaboration that really "tore it up," in the words of Spencer Radcliffe–aka Blithe Field.

Blithe Field headlined last night’s event with his unique blend of audio collage and gracefully edited rhythms. Earlier this month, Radcliffe released Warm Blood, arguably the Athens-based musician’s most accomplished work to date.

"Tonight I'm probably going to be playing a pretty good mix of old and new stuff," Radcliffe said while milling about the crowd. "I see a lot of friends here, so I think I might be pulling out some old stuff."

In fact, friends are what got Blithe Field involved in playing RASCAL's first fundraiser.

"I’ve been playing with [local band] Difficult Dogs a lot recently, and a couple of the people in that band are also involved in RASCAL," he explained.

As the event wore on into the early hours of Friday, RASCAL comedy section co-editor Sam Flynn seemed satisfied with the turnout and the money raised, which moves the magazine one step closer to reality.

"Way more people showed up than I had ever imagined would," he said.