OU Professor Writes About “How To Stop Loving Someone”

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One of Ohio University's English professors has released a collection of short stories titled "How to Stop Loving Someone". 

Joan Connor says she tells stories from both the man's and woman's point of view and adds humor and emotion to display all aspects of her characters. Connor says her tendency for humor comes from her background.
"My dad is Irish and so I love word play and storytelling was kind of fundamental to my family growing up.  But I like situational humor, I'm a bit of a klutz," she said. "I also think it's just human, you know, we're all goofy sometimes."
Connor says the short form is what appealed her to writing them.
"I was drawn to it. I was a failed poet and the short form really appealed to me, but I'm now writing my fourth novel.  All three of my novels sit on the floor of my closet and I'm trying to learn how to write a novel, but I love stories because I'm restless, so I can try something in one story and something else in another," said Connor.
Connor says her writing ranges from fables, to historical characters, to stories entirely invented. Her previous collection of short stories, "History Lessons", was set in the US during the Victorian era. 
She says her writing is not geared to a specific audience and can be read by a range of people.