Sheriff’s Office To Accept Unwanted Medications

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People looking to get rid of old medicine can now turn to the Athens County Sheriff's Office any time during the week.

Sheriff Patrick Kelly announced his office is giving residents the opportunity to drop off unused, unwanted, or expired prescription drugs for safe disposal, rather than wait for special drop-off events.

Prescriptions can be dropped off between 8am and midnight, Mondays through Fridays.

Drop-off organizer Michele Williams with the sheriff's office says previous community response inspired the additional hours.

"When we have had the actual pick ups on Saturday's, I think there has been a big response. So apparently he must have decided that it was something that we needed to do at all times."

Williams says residents will not face any punishment for turning in prescriptions that do not belong to them, but they are required to show a valid ID.

"As long as they have identification with them, we will copy their license. Most generally you're going to find that their mother or father has passed away and they were caring for them and have all these leftover drugs after they've passed away."

Williams says that deputies will not do home pick ups for any medications.

Needles will only be accepted if they are transported in a container and liquid forms of medication will not be accepted.