Armed Clown Robs Rehab Center

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A man dressed as a clown is being blamed for an armed robbery at a nursing home in Hurricane.

Putnam County Sheriff's deputies say the robbery suspect was dressed from head to toe in a costume and was after prescription drugs.
It happened about 1 a.m. Wednesday at Genesis Healthcare, Teays Valley Nursing and Rehab Center along North Poplar Fork Road.
Quiet and fairly secluded, this peaceful nursing home became the target for a masked man on a mission.
Patients and employees inside the nursing home were either asleep or unaware of what was happening.
Police say the clown broke through a back bathroom window; he was dressed in scrubs, rubber shoes and a clown mask.
Detectives say he wielded a gun and was not afraid to point it at a nearby nurse — ordering her to get on the ground.
Deputies say the motive was prescription pills and drugs. 
Police say the suspect demanded the pills and stole them from the nurses cart before running out the same window he came in.
A witness tells police the man dressed as a clown had a Spanish accent. 
Detectives have been interviewing and trying to get more information to crack the case.
The nursing home did issue a statement Wednesday, explaining it is concerned about the robbery and are taking extra precautions to prevent any similar situations.
If you know anything that could help detectives, call the Putnam County Sheriff's Department.