The Fests Are Here To Stay

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Community and university leaders, students, and residents of Athens all gathered outside Memorial Auditorium to discuss what can be done to keep the community safe following the problems at Palmer Fest two weeks ago.

The idea of banning the fests all together as been raised, but just as quickly shelved.

“Fests can’t be banned because according to the constitution people have a right to assemble,” said Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl.

The question than turned to how can the fest be made safer.

Ohio University is teaming with the City of Athens to come up with a solution.

Registering out of town guests, registering house parties, or having an OU sponsored Spring Festival were ideas that were offered.

One idea that has been accepted cam from Dean of Students, Ryan Lombardi, who sent an email to students asking them to volunteer to wear t-shirts to this weekend’s Mill Fest to encourage party-goers to respect the community.

150 volunteers have accepted the offer so far.

President McDavis has contacted other university presidents in and outside Ohio making them aware that their students were at least partly responsible for the Palmer Fest problems.

McDavis said he is concerned about how the fests reflect on Ohio University.

“If you google Ohio University and you will find limitless revealing images and videos that are offensive, frightening, and embarrassing to our students, to our distinguished alumni, our local community, the parents and families of Ohio Students and our graduates.”

McDavis said he wants students to show more respect for the community and be more responsible for decisions they make.