OU Provies Opportunities For Both International And American Students

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Ohio University can be considered a melting pot of students from all around the country and from all around the world.

A large part of the student population at Ohio University consists of international students and the number of international undergraduate students has increased over the past years.

Many, like undergraduate student Linda Esch, who is from Germany, said she has felt a difference between her home culture and the American culture.

"People here are more positive for some reason. In Germany, people don't really smile at you randomly on the street, "said Esch.

Although the majority of international students like Esch spend their time immersing themselves in American culture, they have the chance to express their own cultures during International Week, which is this week at OU.

Various events are held for international students to show foreign talents, customs, clothing and even food.

Ohio University has joint programs other universities around the world and offers at least two study abroad programs on campus.

These programs allow international students to earn college credits for their home schools while studying at OU.

Esch, who is studying with the Global Leadership Center (GLC) said the program has been nothing but helpful in assisting foreign students in adapting to American life.

Study programs assist international students with adjusting to American life, but the programs also help American students who are studying abroad.

Junior Lo Martinez studied in Spain Spring Quarter '11 with a program called Academic Programs International (API).

She said that API helped her academically while studying abroad and helped her adapt to the Spanish culture.

Martinez said she loved her experience and wishes every student could have the same opportunities.

"Every student who has thought about studying abroad should seriously consider it because it is just absolutely a life altering experience and can really open up your global horizons," Martinez said.

International week will conclude with the International Street Fair starting at 11 a.m. Saturday, May 19 on Court Street.