This Bud’s For You: Wiz Khalifa Wows Packed Convo Crowd

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Rapper Wiz Khalifa and singer Sean Kingston entertained a packed crowd last Friday during a show at Ohio University's Convocation Center. 

After taking the stage, Kingston had the audience on its feet until he addressed the crowd as "Ohio State." After being booed, an assistant informed him where he was, and the show resumed.  

Kingston performed well enough, but instead of singing live throughout the show, he interspersed his songs with recordings of tunes that he had written for other artists.

Interesting as it may be that Kingston is such a prolific writer (Nicki Minaj and Lil' Wayne have covered his songs, among other artists), the audience was expecting a live concert, not a DJ. 

After Kingston left the stage, the crowd took the opportunity to grab food, drinks and a nap (at least one student was spotted napping) until Wiz Khalifa finally made his way on to the stage. 

Once Khalifa's opening number kicked in, the concert reached a high point. Literally, as the smell of marijuana wafted through the Convo. Then again, it wasn't totally unexpected for a show by an artist who once rapped about about rolling joints "bigger than King Kong's fingers."

"Who has the best weed in this place?" asked Khalifa as a cloud appeared above the mosh pit. The police made an appearance and a handful of audience members were arrested.

But, as you might presume, the show went on. Khalifa kicked into high gear (no pun intended), playing his most well-known songs, along with some new material. 

From beginning to end, Khalifa had everyone singing along and dancing, finally wrapping up the evening with the help of a few students on stage for the last song.

The concert was sponsored by University Program Council, Student Senate, Black Student Cultural Programming Board, the Campus Involvement Center, Ohio University Performing Arts, General Fee ad the Division of Student Affairs.