Ohio Veterans Recieve Deploma’s After Service

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The Chillicothe Board of Education held a ceremony this morning to award eligible veterans with high school diplomas.

Ohio law explains that if a WWII, Korea, or Vietnam veteran dropped out of high school to serve time overseas, they are eligible to receive a high school diploma without completing any further classes.

"It's based on the idea that the life experiences while they were in the service probably rounded out their education," explains Richard Shanks, the Veteran Service Officer at the local Veterans Service Commission. Shanks assists Veterans with checking their eligibility and filing the correct paperwork to receive their diploma from the Ohio high school of their choice.

To be eligible for a diploma, Veterans must bring in their discharge and verify that they served during the appropriate years and were released with an honorable discharge. 

"Over the last couple years they have been publicizing this more in newspapers and radio stations," adds Shanks. "A lot of veterans are becoming aware that they are eligible for the diploma and they are coming in to apply."

There have been over 7 diplomas awarded in Ross County alone in the last year.

Another related program has recently been developed for women who were not able to complete school when their veteran husband went away. "If the spouse of a veteran quit school while their veteran was serving, they are also eligible for a diploma," said Shanks. No women have applied for this diploma yet.

For more information on these programs or to apply for a diploma, contact a county Veterans Service Commission or local school board.