Local Students Speak Up On New Texting Ban

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            Ohio passed a new texting ban on Friday, causing some Ohio University students to question the different enforcement for teenagers.

            This ban calls for a stricter crackdown on drivers’ under the age of 18, who would receive a primary offense for texting or use of other portable electronic devices. 

            “I don’t necessarily find it okay that teens are being looked at more, because adults are just as much responsible,” said Jennifer Miller, 19. “I think it is actually a good law to pass because I think it’s going to save a lot of troubles that are going on.” 

            Texting would be a secondary offense for adult drivers, meaning that they could be ticketed only if they were pulled over for something such as weaving or running a red light.

            “Teens need to learn earlier that their texting should not happen,” said Becky Wagner, 20. “I have so many friends that have gotten into accidents because of texting and it’s almost always involved when you hear something in the news nowadays.” 

            The ban has exemptions, including the use of a cell phone in an emergency, when the person’s vehicle is stationary, when using a hands-free navigation device and if the person doesn’t manipulate the device while driving.

            It will go into effect in 90 days and will ban writing, reading, and sending texts from behind the wheel.