Paperback Writer: OU-L Student Self-Publishes Two Books

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For 35-year-old Adam Farley, the journey to getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Ohio University Lancaster spanned 15 years and included a few trips off the beaten path.

Over that time, Farley stopped and re-started his college career, worked at a local juvenile detention facility, became the father of three children, self-published two books and developed a pen name, George Ringo, which came out of his love for The Beatles.

“I have always loved writing,” said Farley. “When I was 14, my parents went through a bitter divorce and I felt like all I had was my writing and The Beatles. So, that’s where ‘George Ringo’ came from.”

Farley started his college career in 1997, pursuing a degree in criminal justice, but stopped going to school. When he decided to return to college to complete the degree, he knew he wanted to pursue a writing career, but decided to finish the degree he started first.

Farley has been accepted to Antioch and will start courses in the fall, working to obtain a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing.

Intergalactic Love Machine book cover

Farley describes his books as satirical fiction, rich with social and political satire.

“I’ve been rejected by a dozen publishing agents or so,” he said. “But I’m not giving up.”

In the meantime, Farley has decided to take matters into his own hands. He went to a self-publishing website and put the wheels in motion to print his own books. The latest novel is called The Intergalactic Love Machine.

Last week, he held a book signing at the Pink Cricket Restaurant in Lancaster and the books are being sold at the restaurant.

“The process of finishing a novel, writing and revising one from start to finish, is daunting and complex,” said Scott Minar, english professor. “People who accomplish it are to be admired and applauded.”

Farley is part of the very first class to graduate from O.U. Lancaster with a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Management. The Honors Convocation Ceremony will be held Friday, June 8 at 7 p.m. in the Brasee Hall gym.