Lion Cubs Discovered In Fairfield County Home

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Fairfield County Sheriff's deputies are investigating a pair of lion cubs possibly linked to the Zanesville exotic animal farm where a suicidal owner released dozens of animals before killing himself in October.

Sheriff Dave Phalen  says his office received a call around 5 p.m. Monday from a concerned neighbor in the Fairfield Beach area.

The caller reported the lion cubs were being kept in dog crates.

Phalen says he has been told the caretaker of Terry Thompson's exotic animal farm lived or lives at the home on Queen Road, but he says he has not been able to verify that information.

The discovery came just a day before Governor John Kasich signed exotic animal ownership legislation into law.

"We will be reviewing the new law that is supposed to go into effect to see what impact that may or may not have, but right now it doesn't appear that there is a criminal violation," said Phalen.

Phalen says deputies also found exotic snakes inside the home.