Marietta Dog Park To Open This Summer

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A Marietta park is being give new life for the benefit of some four-legged friends.

The former Jackson Hill Park in Marietta will soon become a dog park.

Harley Noland, a Marietta city councilman, said people in the community approached him and expressed interest in the new park.

Noland said the park will not cost tax payers anything, as it will be funded by the people who want the park.

Noland said volunteers are making the necessary renovations with some help from a hardware store chain.

"The repair work was going to be done on the picnic shelter that had more or less been abandoned, so it needs a new roof and paint and that will be done through Lowes building supply store," he said. "They have a group of volunteer employees called "Lowes heros," and they will be doing that work later this month."

Noland said he believes the park has health benefits for dogs and their owners.

"The pets and the pet owners, it gives them a place where they can legally walk their dog without a leash. Anywhere else in the city, you have to have them on a leash, so the dogs can't get really good exercise," he said.  "Anything that gets people in the out of doors with their animals is good for humans too."

The park is expected to open by July 4.