Q-and-A With Gridiron Glory Host Jaush Huntsberger

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Last week, WOUB announced Ohio University senior Jaush Huntsburger as the new host of Gridiron Glory. Jaush, a native of Logan, OH, is ready to tackle on the challenge of being the face of the program. We recently sat down with Jaush for an interview where he expresses his excitement for this role, and what is in store for the 2012 season.

Gridiron Glory: What does it mean to be named host of Gridiron Glory?

Jaush Huntsberger: It really is a dream come true. I know it may sound cliché, but this show is the reason I decided to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. I remember watching the show every Friday night when I was in grade school just hoping to catch a cutaway of myself in the crowd, a highlight of my older brother making a tackle, or, in my high school years, a highlight of one of my few touchdowns. That same type of hope was what motivated me to one day be the face of this amazing show. I couldn't be happier.

GG: What experience have you had on the show in previous years?

JH: For my freshman and sophomore years I was somewhat of a "utility player." I was a shooter, tape operator, writer, editor, and made my on-air debut at the end of my sophomore year. That wide base of learning really helped me in the long run when I became a main reporter for the SEOAL last year.

GG: Being a native of Southeast Ohio, what is your favorite part of covering football in this region?

JH: The fans. The state of Ohio is known for it's love of the game, and nobody loves it more than this area. The intensity, excitement, and passion that the fans in this area bring to the game is amazing. Even if you didn't know what football was, you would be a fan  after five minutes of a conference rivalry game. Also, the small town atmosphere makes these football teams so much more than a bunch of kids playing a sport. These teams bring a sense of unity and inspiration to their towns, and they don't even realize it. As a broadcast journalist, one of your main jobs is to bring plenty of energy. When it comes to Southeastern Ohio high school football, the fans do that for you.

GG: What do you hope to bring to the desk every Friday night this fall? 

JH: Excitement, knowledge, and fun. This really is my favorite sport and I hope to prove that by bringing an analytical aspect to the host duties, while still having a good time. Thanks to Herm Edwards, everyone knows "you play to win the game!" But luckily for us at Gridiron, we aren't playing the game.  We just hope to make these Friday nights as memorable as possible with our dedicated coverage.

GG: Of course it's not just you on the desk, so what has impressed you about the team of reporters that has been assembled for 2012?

JH: I feel like Ron Burgundy on the "Channel Four News Team." In other words, this group of reporters is a very talented, dedicated, and fun group that will make my job easier. Last year we had to put a lot of new faces on as full-time reporters, and every person rose to the challenge. This season, a lot of those faces are back, with a few new ones as well. All of our reporters really take their conferences seriously, too. We've even had to break up a few arguments in the newsroom over which teams would make a further playoff run. That kind of stuff makes those reporters want to be the best they can be to represent their conference, which brings out their best effort every week.

GG: Last question, is there anything better than Friday nights and Gridiron Glory?

JH: I really don't think I can say that there is. I remember the rush that I got when I took the field on Friday night. I thought it was an unmatchable feeling, until I sat down at the desk for the first time. I realized that it didn't matter what end of the spectrum you were on to get that feeling, just as long as you were a part of the game. The combination of passionate fans, dedicated teams, and Friday night lights makes for a recipe of delicious football awesomeness. I love it!