Powerless Residents Eating Out Of Coolers

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Some Athens grocery store shoppers had carts piled higher than usual over the weekend.

They were shelling out big money, restocking their refrigerators after finally getting their power restored.
After the storms, thousands had gone days and days living out of coolers, if they could find ice.
What's it like to not have electricity for more than a week?
WOUB News talked with Clarissa Strassman of Stewart who described some pretty primitive conditions.
"No hot water to shower with or do the dishes, no food, no.  We're eating out of coolers and stuff and daily food, chips and sandwiches or bottled water. No ice, we don't have any ice. Nobody has ice," said Strassman.  She explained she doesn't have access to perishable food. 
And how did Strassman feel about others who did have power?
"Jealous," she laughs. "I wish I had power, but you know, you can't help it."
Strassman is an AEP customer and not convinced the utility was doing all it could to fix the problem.
"All I know is I see them running around, on break, it seems like, all the time.  They don't seem to be doing much, it doesn't look like they're getting anything started, at least where I'm living at least.  It doesn't look like anything is moving.  There's still trees down out where I live," said Strassman.
According to the most recent numbers, American Electric Power-Ohio said it still had about 10,000 customers without electricity. 
Most are in Athens, Guernsey, Licking and Muskingum counties.