Car Sharing Program Opens The Road To OU Students

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Ohio University is partnering with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to offer students without a car on campus a way to still get around town.
WeCar by Enterprise is a membership-based, automated car rental option that offers students an alternative way to travel. 
The OU Office of Student Affairs partnered with Parking Services and Student Senate to bring the program to Ohio University. 
Students who register with the program will have access to two fuel-efficient vehicles: a Honda Civic and Ford Fiesta.
"The best part about this program is that students only have to pay for a flat hourly rate," said communication specialist Jennifer Krisch. "The rate is $9 an hour and usually varies for overnight use. That standard rate includes the price of gas and insurance or damage that is done to the car."
Howard Elliott was on OU's campus for his son's freshman Bobcat Student Orientation.
Elliot said he had a few concerns about the program.
"The program sounds good, but, I don't think my son will be renting a car at $9 an hour to go home when he can take the GoBus for $10 a trip," Elliot said. "I can, however, see my son and his friends renting the car to get to the farmers market or to go see a movie."
Although the program officially begins on August 22, students are now able to register online for membership.