Athens Food Company Official Says Economy Better

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Thousands of people turned out for an Ohio wine festival Friday and Saturday.

An Athens food vendor says his sales at the event suggest a comeback for the economy.

"This has actually been our best Vintage Ohio in 8 years, " says Jonathan Leal, the owner of Vino De Milo a specialty foods company.

"We've seen peaks and valeys over the years and this has been our best yet so that gives me encouragement that the economy is beginning to really come back," he says.

Another optimist at the Vintage Ohio festival was Donnie Winchell, the executive director of the Ohio Wine Producers Association.

"We are in really good shape," she says.

Winchell is talking about the hot and dry weather in Ohio, which was not so good back in the Spring, causing a smaller crop.

"When you have a smaller crop, the vine can use all its energy, all the nutrients go into a smaller portion of fruit.  Thus, the fruit that is there and available is of exceptional quality."

Winchell was a key organizer for Vintage Ohio, which is held every year in Kirtland, near Cleveland.

WOUB News did long interviews with Leal and Winchell and you'll hear more about Vino De Milo and Ohio wines in upcoming reports.