Ohio Football Faces off in Preseason Scrimmage

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It was day 11 of fall camp for Ohio football and time for the boys to suit up in full pads to face off against each other for a team scrimmage. 

While some of Ohio's projected starters for the upcoming season sat out of play for precautionary reasons, the scrimmage was a chance for younger players to show what they could do out on the field. 

"I got a chance to work with the ones today and it gave me a good look and shows me that I have a lot to improve on but at the same time I feel like as far as physical ability, I am ready for them," freshmen running back Daz'mond Patterson said. "I feel like I can be out there on the field with them."

Ohio starting quarterback Tyler Tettleton did take some snaps, but not very many. The scrimmage was a chance for coaches to see the back-ups at work with red-shirt freshman Derrius Vick, freshmen Greg Windham and JD Spraque under center for most of the game. 

Vick led the offense to a touchdown after a deep pass down the center to wide receiver Matt Waters helped set up the scoring run by Brian Palermo. 

After a year under his belt, Vick feels more at ease in Ohio's system. 

"[I've] just made strides," Vick said. "I came in last year just hoping just to complete the ball and this year I have a lot more grasp on the offense and make plays when I need to."

While the offense had some success in the passing game, with the quarterbacks finding wide receiver Chase Cochran on numerous occasions as well as other young receivers, the defense didn't go easy on their teammates. 
"I was definitely expecting it," Patterson said of the defensive intensity. "They told me before we even got out here that they would be at my head so I was kind of prepared for it. I was ready for them, but I talked a lot of junk too so it's all good."
"That's always the plan," linebacker Keith Moore said. "All of us are one big family and we love each other, but when it's scrimmage day, we go out there and go after each other."
The Bobcats will have another chance to go helmet to helmet in another scrimmage on August 20. Fall camp wraps up August 25.