Uncovering The Histories Of Uptown Athens

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On this edition of Conversations from Studio B, host Ron Luce talks with author and local historian Cyrus Moore III.

Moore’s first book, The Athens Maneuvers: The Ohio National Guard Maneuvers in Athens County, August 17-23, 1904, and the Remaking of the Guard, was published this July by the Athens County Historical Society & Museum.

The Athens Maneuvers recaps the history of the 1904 maneuvers that took place in Athens County, Ohio, and how the maneuvers revolutionized National Guard training before World War I.

However, Moore joins Luce in Studio B to discuss his newest research project, the historical documentation of buildings in uptown Athens.

"These are buildings I’ve seen all my life, and originally I had started researching a few of them for a presentation, and I found it fascinating, and just keep going until I had profiles on most of the buildings uptown," said Moore.

Moore reveals a number of interesting facts about the historic buildings on Court St., including the buildings that house the modern day businesses of UniversiTEES, the C.I., Big Mama's Burritos, Jimmy John's, College Book Store, Artifacts Gallery, Casa Nueva and more.

Take a look of the slideshow below for some photos of historic uptown Athens dating from the early 1900’s to the 1970’s.

For more information on the Athens County Historical Society and Museum, visit http://www.athenshistory.org/