Athens Fest Task Force Asks For Stricter Enforcement Of Nuisance Party Ordinance

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A task force meant to address rowdy fests has come up with a temporary solution, enforcing an existing ordinance.

Athens City Council President Jim Sands says the city has "empowered the police force to strictly enforce the nuisance party ordinance."

That stricter enforcement starts this weekend.

"Hopefully, this weekend is just reminding students that this ordinance is in effect," Sands said. "If your party is out of control, then shut it down, but if you're just having friends over for a barbecue and some beers, that's not what we're after."

Sands says the ordinance calls for three warnings before a citation is issued.

He says the group is still working on an ordinance to address multi-house parties.

The 12-member task force is made up of city officials, Ohio University administrators, residents and students.