McDavis Focuses On Change, Potential In University Address

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Ohio University President Roderick McDavis says everything the university does "elevates Ohio's potential for economic development and cultural fulfillment."

He made the statement Tuesday at his state of the university address to faculty and staff.
He was explaining what he calls "Ohio for Ohio", which has a goal of linking OU with the state's "economic progress and vitality."
McDavis says OU's programs "help improve the state's economy, especially in emerging technology and service fields."
President McDavis also talked about change.
In his words, "the changes we are witnessing this year are historic and transformative."
The switch from quarters to semesters, for example.
Also, new leadership, as he pointed out that there are "many new faces in both academic and administrative leadership roles."
This is partly "the result of the incentive retirement plan."
And McDavis spoke about several, quote, "smart-growth strategies" which will be discussed soon with the Board of Trustees.
One of these is a so-called "Total Compensation Plan" which he says is needed to recruit and retain employees.
Another is "a Multi-Year $100 Million Dollar Investment Plan" to provide funds "for initiatives to promote vitality, attract partnerships…and enhance (OU's) position as an economic engine in southeast Ohio."