Two Remain Hospitalized After Southeast Ohio Mining Accident

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Two workers injured in a coal mine accident in Perry County Wednesday morning remain hospitalized.

Ohio Department of Natural  Resources spokeswoman Heidi Hetzel-Evans said the injured were taken to a Columbus hospital and were being examined for possible concussions.

A Perry County Deputy has identified the two men are John Reich of Woodsfield and Brian Post of Corning.

Three other miners were treated for minor injuries and released.

The accident involved the collision of two rail cars that transport miners.

Hetzel-Evans said the accident appears to have been the result of miscommunication.

"Basically they were in the mobile carts that move the miners in and out, its an underground mine and unfortunately the shift workers coming out crashed into shift workers going in so there was some miscommunication on the two carts coming in and out."

ODNR will investigate the incident at the Buckingham Coal mine near Corning.

Hetzel-Evans said the company has a good overall safety record.

The three miners treated and released have been idenftified as Brian McLaughlin and Jeremy Hasman of Glouster, and Todd Sinift of Corning.