Auctioning Drug Family Fortune Set In Marietta

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Charlie McLeish is saving his voice for one of the largest auctions his company has ever conducted.

"We expect 600 to 700 people here tomorrow," he said.

Cars, jet skis, a boat, ATVs, mowers and more.

A warehouse full of vehicles, boats and tools will being auctioned Saturday at 10 a.m.

The booty has all been seized as a multi-county, multi-state, multi-million dollar drug bust.

The Washington County Sheriff's office says it's all from a family marijuana operation doing business in Washington and Morgan Counties.

Some of the items are from a 2009 bust of the same family but most comes from the final bust made in 2011.

The Major Crimes Task Force seized more than 200 pounds of marijuana, about 800-thousand dollars in cash, and as well as vehicles, tools, and jet skis.

"I'd say there are hundreds of items," McLeish said.

"The building is full."

"With a warrant we seized all the items that you see," Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks said.

"… but also we seized $757,000 in cash and three brief cases that was contained in a storage bin out in Bartlett, Ohio," he explained.

"The items are going to be sold today and they will be distributed according to a formula that has already been arrived upon."

The proceeds will go toward future drug investigations in Morgan and Washington Counties.

"That is what it's designated for, be used for equipment, undercover operations and things like that," Mincks explained.

"It does not go into personnel salaries.  It will be for further drug investigations in this area."

"This is going to be one of the biggest fund-raisers for both counties," McLeish said

The auction will be held at the McLeish Auction House in Marietta.

A previous auction of household goods obtained from the same bust brought in around $40,000.

An auction of firearms and outdoor equipment is set for October.

"Then we'll be auctioning fishing equipment, gun safes – sporting goods," McLeish added.

But the big day is tomorrow. 

The auction begins at ten and Charlie McLeish will be doing a lot of talking till about 4:30 P.M.

"I'm resting up," he said.

For more information (pictures and detail of items) on this auction or up coming auctions visit:

Material in this article was contributed by WTAP Television in Parkersburg, WV.