Cambridge Company Announces Job Growth

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A southeastern Ohio company will be expanding in the near future.

Quanex Insulating Glass Systems CEO David Petratis says that the Cambridge company will hire 85 new full-time employees in the next three years.
Ohio Governor John Kasich attended the economic development event Friday that was held to announce the new plans.
Kasich says while southeastern Ohio may feel neglected by corporate and legislative efforts in the state, announcements like these have raised the state from 48th to 4th in job creation.
JobsOhio director Mark Kvamme says southeast Ohio is the perfect storm for creation of new jobs.
He says there is a perfect mix of a combination of energy resources, proximity to the most populous areas in the country, and the mix of highways and waterways.
Kasich also says he can see a slowdown in the state's economy because he believes businesses are in a holding pattern until after the election.