OU Top In State For Research Investment Returns

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Ohio University has been named the top college in the state in return on investment for research.

Robert Silva, director of Technology Transfer for OU, says the university had a 30 percent return on the $31 million in research spent in 2011.
Silva says OU earns most of its revenue through a licensing deal with Pfizer Inc.
"John Kopchick created a drug a long, long time ago called Somavert and its still being sold by Pfizer worldwide and we get a return on that investment from Pfizer every year when they make sales. So we're fortunate enough to have a home run," said Silva.
Kopchick is a professor and researcher in the Osteopathic College of Medicine.
Silva says the university has found the right formula for success.
"Someone before me and years ago was adroit enough to put the right kinds of pieces in place and now we're just executing. And that's what it takes, execution. We've just got a very talented group of people in all the different parts of the puzzle," said Silva.
The 30 percent return for the school is also the fourth-highest in the country, behind Princeton, Northwestern, and New York University.