Camelot on Canvas: Athens Studio Opens Medieval-Style Exhibit

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Passion Works Studio's new exhibit is bringing a touch of Camelot to Athens.

Studio Coordinator Wayne Savage said the Cavalcade of Castles exhibit, which showcases medieval folkloric artwork, is a vivid, colorful show.

"We have lots of castles: three-dimensional castles, 2-D castles. We have princesses and princes, dragons and maidens and we have daggers. If it's medieval, folkloric, we have it."

Savage said that, aside from these medieval inspirations, the studio's most famous piece is still the Passion Flower, first created in 1998.

"They're made out of recycled newspaper printing plates from The Athens Messenger," he explained. "On each flower, approximately six artists with disabilities work on them, some do the background and some do different designs. It's a very collaborative process. We've sold over 20,000 of these, from Chile to Canada and from California to the Carolinas."

Passion Works Studio opened in 1998 to assist artists with developmental disabilities. For more information, visit