Women’s Golf: Ohio Finishes 15th Overall at Nittany Lion Invitational

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Ohio Women’s Golf finished 15th overall at the Nittany Lion Invitational. The Bobcats finished three rounds of play with scores of 320, 323 and 309, making their three-day combined team score 952.

Freshman Angela Codian topped the Bobcats with a total score of 223. Kara Brinkmann took second for Ohio with a total score of 239.
Kristen Helmsdoerfer and Lauren McKinzie finished with overall scores of 247 and 248.

Sarah Tranelli and Julie Lechner rounded out Ohio’s involvement in the tournament. Accordingly, the two finished with scores of 253 and 259.
Host Penn State finished in first place and completed the Invitational with a 3-day total score of 862.

After day one, the Bobcats were 14th overall with a team score of 320. Host Penn State ended the day in first place with an overall score of 292.

On the second day of the Nittany Lion Invitational, the Bobcats were in 16th place and shot a team score of 323, making their two-round score 643.

Host Penn State remained in the top spot with a two-round score of 575 on Saturday.

Next on the agenda for Ohio Women’s Golf is The Preview at Longaberger on Oct. 15 and 16 in Nashport, Ohio.