Chillicothe Officials Attempt To End Car Surfing Following Deadly Accident

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Chillicothe officials are searching for a way to curb the dangerous fad of car surfing, just weeks after two separate incidents where one teen died and another boy was seriously injured while riding on top of a car.

Chillicothe police are sending officers to schools to talk about the dangers of car surfing, while they research how other states have handled the problem.

Amanda Miller says she saw the second accident Thursday afternoon, which sent an 11-year-old to the hospital with head injuries.

Miller says two boys were riding on the trunk of a car being driven by one of their mothers.

"She proceeded around the corner, and I had turned away right about that time to tell my grandmother that that was the stupidest thing in the world to do and why would she have done that because of what happened just two weeks ago," she said

According to Chillicothe Police Officer Bud Lytle, the boy, Blade DeMint, did suffer severe injuries.

"We've spoken to the parents, and they've told me that he's fairly stable at this point in time, but he is in the intensive care unit at Nationwide Children's Hospital," he said.

Police say no charges have been filed against the driver.

A few weeks ago, a similar incident involving four tens occurred in a Walmart parking lot in Chillicothe.

"As they were walking out of Walmart, one of them got into the driver's seat of a vehicle. One of them stood by and watched while two of them got on the hood, laid down with their heads actually facing like the windshield, grabbing ahold of the hood, the front side of the hood, and the vehicle began to move," said Lytle.

Jacob Wolfe, 16, fell off and later died from head injuries.