Solich Addresses Top 25 Ranking and Player Issues in Weekly Press Conference

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The Ohio Bobcats are ranked 25th in the nation in the AP Top 25 Poll. It is the first time Ohio has been ranked since 1968. 

In his weekly press conference, Ohio head coach Frank Solich was proud of the ranking and he talked about the benefits that come with it. 
“It’s great for the program, it gives us national recognition, which is always good for you. It’s good for recruiting; it’s good for the attitude of our players in our program right now. It’s good for the attitude of our coaches. It’s great for the Ohio Bobcat fans,” Solich said. “There are an awful lot of plusses with it. The only drawback is that it just paints a bigger target on you, but that’s something that we’re glad to accept, that goes along with it, we want that. We just need to learn how to respond to that.”
Solich mentioned that he and the members of his coaching staff went on recruiting trips in the days following the Akron game. There was a noticeable difference in the reception the Ohio coaching staff received because of the ranking, according to Solich. 
“Coaches made mention of it. When you get that kind of national exposure and you’re around football people, they know what’s going on,” said Solich. 
Solich also addressed two issues looming over Ohio Football. 
Carl Jones, the senior defensive lineman, was ejected from the Akron game for slapping an opponent’s helmet. “No more additional action” will take place from the MAC offices regarding Jones, according to Solich. Jones will be able to play after the bye week against Miami.  
Ohio redshirt freshman offensive lineman Mike Lucas was arrested early Sunday morning and charged with felonious assault. Solich also addressed that, saying, “He’s suspended until we get facts as to what transpired. We are in the process of gathering those facts.”