Sherrod Brown Continues Jobs Tours

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Senator Sherrod Brown stopped in Athens Monday and continued his focus on job creation during a rainy afternoon rally.

"We've seen what's happened in the last two year," he said.  "After we did the auto rescue in Washington, as it began to take hold the unemployment rate in Ohio went from 10.6 percent down to 7 percent."
Brown arrived in Athens in a caravan of six cars, Jeep Wranglers and Chevy Cruzes, all made in Ohio.
This was the fourth day of his seven day, 25 city tour across Ohio.
The reason he's traveling in this caravan of Ohio made vehicles is because he led the charge to protect, to rescue the auto industry in the state, helping protect 850,000 Ohioans," Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker said.
More than 100 people packed Baker Student Lounge in support of Brown.  Supporters said honesty is a key factor seperating the incumbent from his Republican challenger, Joe Mandel.
"I think that the big contrast in this race is who can be trusted to fight for the middle class,"  Zucker said.
"What sets Sherrod Brown from Josh Mandel is honesty," Susan Clay said.
Brown didn't mention or attack his challenger outright. Instead he mainly focused on hot-button issues like women's health, gay rights, environmental issues and collective bargaining.
"I really liked the stuff he said about unions," Ohio University student Kaitlynn Sharp said. "That really meant a lot to me because my boyfriend is a fireman so all the issues with Senate Bill last year, that's why I registered to vote."
Brown hit close to home with another subject, college affordability, promising to help with the high cost of higher education.
A new poll by Public Policy Polling gives Brown an 11-point lead over Mandel but a Cincinnati University poll puts the incumbent ahead by only four points.