Guilty Verdict For Ohio Teen Involved In Craigslist Murder

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The forewoman of the jury that convicted an Ohio teenager of aggravated murder in a deadly plot to lure men desperate for work with phony Craigslist job offers says it was a difficult decision because of the boy's age.

Juror Dana Nash of Akron also said jurors looked at all the evidence and arrived at a fair decision that was also the right decision.

Seventeen-year-old Brogan Rafferty faces life without the possibility of parole following his conviction Tuesday.

Jurors said they worked on the 25 charges against Rafferty one by one, with the most difficult one involving evidence surrounding the death of the first victim.

Jurors debated each charge and often reviewed their own notes and evidence presented at trial, including audio interviews Rafferty gave investigators.

Nash says jurors felt like Rafferty contradicted himself during his trial testimony.