Kellogg Leads on and off the Court

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Some athletes are just called to lead. They may not be the strongest or the fastest but they have an innate quality that just draws people to them. Nick Kellogg is one such athlete.

Kellogg handles the pressure of being a team leader with grace and dignity. Knowing what is best for the team is a big part of being a leader and Kellogg represents this perfectly.

" Basically I’m just trying to do anything and everything in my power to make our team better and to make myself better,” said Kellogg. “Whatever the coach wants me to do. Whatever my teammates want me to do, that’s just what I’m trying to do.”

But great responsibility can also bring great pressure. The Ohio fans' anticipation of another stellar season just adds to the expectations placed upon Kellogg. But he is ready for the challenge.

"Being one of the older guys and being one of the leaders on the team, there are certain things you have to do that other teammates don’t necessarily have to do. There are times I feel a little pressure but my coaches think I’m up to it so I try to handle it the best I can,” said Kellogg.

For Kellogg, family can be a big help. Kellogg’s family acts as a support system and a big influence on his life and image. He is known for always keeping a clean image and having a classy persona. Kellogg credits a lot of this image to his dad, CBSSports’ Clark Kellogg.

“For the most part I get a lot of advice from my family, more specifically from my pops,” said the junior about his father. “He always just taught me, don’t do anything that would embarrass yourself, the university you go to, your family and I’m pretty religious so I just try to keep it clean and speak my mind in an appropriate way.”

Having a dad like Kellogg's could be beneficial for any college basketball player. Clark Kellogg played basketball for Ohio State University, where he earned Most Valuable Player and All-Big Ten Conference honors. He then moved on to play three full seasons with the Pacers. The younger Kellogg makes sure to take advantage of the experience his dad has earned over the years.

"There is some stuff that I learned growing up from him being in my shoes at one point. Playing college basketball and playing the pros. There is definitely some stuff that he’s taught me and I just try to soak as much of it up as I can and bring it out here on the court,” said Kellogg.

Kellogg appreciates his father's influence but also tries to remain true to his self on and off the court.

"I just know that I’m my own person but at the same time, having him as an influence has been a big help to me.”

Kellogg’s leadership on and off the court will undoubtedly be key for the Bobcats this season.