Wahama Completes Undefeated Regular Season

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Coming on to the gridiron tonight, Wahama had one goal for their matchup with the Buffalo Bison: Completing their quest of a perfect regular season.

Wahama had no choice but to show that the White Falcons were a force to be reckoned with, and that is exactly what they did, winning 41-13.

Following a fumble early in the first quarter by Buffalo, the Falcons made their move on the Bison with a 13-yard run by Zack Wamsley. After gaining 25 yards, Wahama would be forced to punt eight minutes into the first quarter, quickly resulting in a 14-yard pass to Laythen Good Jr. that would set Buffalo up for their first touchdown of the evening 

Giving up the first touchdown of the evening to the Bison became a driving force for the Falcons. They quickly came back with Zack Wamsley, adding a 3-yard run that would give the Falcons their first touchdown.

The Falcons and Bison would remain close Buffalo’s quarterback Levi Jordan would make a 2-yard run for a touchdown.

This once again did not sit well with Wahama. They would come back with a burst as freshman Jared Nutter would receive the ball on the return and run it to the end zone giving Wahama their first edge over Buffalo.

Things started looking up for Wahama with two minutes left in the second quarter. 

A sack for the Falcons would give them a first-and-10 on the 48-yard line from where Wamsley would carry the ball 21 yards. He would eventually get the ball again on the 4-yard line and carry it again for a Wahama touchdown.

This would not be the end of the Falcons’ run before halftime though. On the return Buffalo would fumble and Wahama would recover the ball.

With less than 25 seconds left in the half Trenton Gibbs would run the ball 13 yards, making it 27-13 right before halftime.

This victory for the Wahama Falcons made them 10-0 for the season, puting them in a good position for the post-season playoffs.