OU Students Weigh In On Election

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Ohio University students weighed in on the election season and voting as it enters the final stretch.

Most students would say they believe voting is important.

“We have people that fought for this country just so we could have this right and I don’t take that for granted,"  junior Noah Hajivandi said.  "I’m very proud that I voted."

But Hajivandi also said as much as he enjoys voting, he will be happy when the political advertisements are over.

These political advertisements have been a large part of each candidates campaign and have been almost impossible to avoid.

According to data compiled by the Washington Post, the campaigns or outside groups supporting the candidates spent $128 million in advertising in Ohio.

The Obama campaign spent $51.2 million in the battleground state while the Romney campaign spent $23.8 million.

“Most of the ads are terrible and I’ve seen some really bad ones that are just repulsive,"  freshman Travis Tackett said.  "But there’s been a couple where they’re just talking about themselves, what’s good about their point of view and not bashing the other person. Those are the good ones."

According to analysis by the Washington Post, 89% of ads by the Romney campaign were negative compared to 82% of ads by the Obama campaign.

Other students said they tried to inform themselves privately rather than buying into ads.

“I am extremely opposed to the ads I see," said freshman Jennifer Robinson. "I voted with an absentee ballot, so when I received my ballot. I went and researched all the candidates and all the issues and made sure I was completely informed on all of them before I made any decisions."

Now all these student voters can do is wait for the final outcome – along with the rest of the country.