Athens County Votes In A New Commissioner

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It was business as usual for Democrat Chris Chmiel Wednesday, running his booth at the Athens farmers.

But just the night before, Chmiel was waiting as the returns came in that would elect him to an Athens County commissioners' seat.

Chmiel said he isn't going to wait until January to start his new position.

Tomorrow he plans on attending the Regional Planning Commission meeting and a meeting with the Athens Area Arts Commission.

Chmiel said being accessible is important for being commissioner and he plans on connecting with the community.

"I'm going to put my whole heart and soul and mind into this job and I really appreciate the opportunity to serve our community and I want to get more of us local people involved and participating in making our world the way we want it," said Chmiel.

Chmiel said people appreciate him as a fresh voice in politics and he wants the community to feel like they can approach him with questions.