Boil Alert Ordered For Nelsonville

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UPDATE 11:36 A.M. A boil order planned to effect the entire city of Nelsonville will be put off due to a delay in construction at the city's water plant.

According to Public Information Officer Dan Pfeiffer, the boil order will be rescheduled once date for relocating a main water line is nailed down.  

The boil order had been scheduled to begin Monday, November 12.

There is no known date for the rescheduled order at this time.

The ease of simply getting water from the fridge or a tap is something Nelsonville residents will no be able to do beginning 8 a.m. Monday, November 12.

A water main line being relocated for construction of the new water plant may lead to Nelsonville water customers experiencing temporary low water pressure and water discoloration.

The Nelsonville Water Department said they will be ordering a boil alert for the entire city of Nelsonville and areas serviced by the department until further notice is given.

Because contaminated water can lead to illnesses, Public Information Officer Dan Pfeiffer suggests some tips to keep in mind during boil alerts:

-Bring water to a full boil, and boil for three minutes prior to use

-Only use boiled water for drinking, preparing food or baby formula

-Be sure to use sanitized containers to store boiled water

-Water for bathing does not need to be boiled but children should be supervised to avoid ingesting any contaminated water.

-Ice cubes should be thrown out.