Holzer Medical Center Gains A New Machine

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Holzer Medical Center in Jackson has a new machine that will aid in advancing care for chronic wounds.

The new machine will provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy for patients, including amputees, who were unhealed.

Director of the Wound Center Chella Price explains the purpose of HBO therapy.

"HBO is actually a medical treatment that increases the amount of oxygen in the patients blood allowing the oxygen to pass through the plasma and into the wound and actually treat the wound faster," said Price.

Price says the therapy can heal a number of different wounds.

"Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is actually an essential part in chronic wound treatments," said Price. "This allows us to treat patients who may have had a wound for anywhere from four weeks to 20 years, so these are the non-healing wounds that need that extra care."

To fund the new machine, Holzer partnered with Hologic, the number one manufacturer in the nation for wound care treatments.

Holzer is also expanding their orthopedic center and adding new physicians to their Athens location.