Athens Celebrates Veterans Day With Parade, Ceremony

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Several hundred people lined Court Street in Athens Sunday morning to catch the Veterans Day Parade.


Marching bands, civic organizations, veterans and those currently serving took part.


A ceremony started about half an hour after the parade on College Green to mark the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. That's the time when Germans signed the Armistice in 1918, ending World War I.


Retired U.S. Navy Captain Jeff Linscott of Athens gave the Veterans Day Address.


"Each and every veteran has sacrificed their time, whether it be precious time away from their family and those numerous missed birthdays and anniversaries or just their own time that they felt could be better spent doing something else. You see, like any large fraternity, organization or business, it takes all the members and their individual sacrifices to make the mission work."


Linscott talked about the difficulty veterans face adjusting after they return home.


He pointed out suicide rates are rising among veterans and homelessness continues to be an issue.


"Now, what can we do about starting the healing process for some of these veterans?" Linscott said. "One, we can thank a veteran at every opportunity. When we see a family member of a current active duty or reserve, thank them for their sacrifice. After all, they will be veterans soon."


He went on to say providing support to veterans organizations and simply listening to veterans are other ways to help those who have served our country.