Particle Research Helping Advance Technology

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Faster and more efficient technology is on its way and it could be thanks to the research of the smallest particles in the universe going on at Ohio University.  

OU physicist Arthur Smith is leading the research effort to explore the tiny molecules and atoms that make up every technological device, which he calls an important venture as those devices become smaller and smaller.

“As particles or objects become smaller and smaller, surfaces as compared to the volume of the particles becomes more and more important and that means the atoms play a bigger role in the property of these devices,” Smith said.

His nano-magnetism team is working to discover ways to increase device storage capacity, processing speed and power.

The development of new magnetic device technology has already resulted in high density storage capacity and faster computers.

Smith said nano-technology has already made a significant impact on the world and he said there is a wide future for developing new technology to solve the problems humans face.