Public Utilities Commission Examining Retail Electricity Market

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The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio launched an investigation regarding the retail electricity generation market.

Chairman Todd Snitchler said the investigation is an effort to determine where the market is working and where it is in need of improvement.

PUCO's goal is to ensure consumers can control how their utility dollars are spent.

Public Information Officer Lauren Smalley says right now is a good time to investigate.

"The market is in a place where we feel it's developed enough that there is something to look in to but it's also young enough that we can see where some improvements could be made," explained Smalley.

As part of the investigation PUCO is getting feedback from a variety of sources.

"We are taking them from the public, from marketers that are currently supplying Ohio, other state agencies, the Ohio Consumers Council, and the Ohio Manufactuers Association. We're welcoming all comments so we can get the best of everything," said Smalley.

Comments are being accepted until January 30, 2013.

Comment follow-ups from PUCO will be completed by February 15.